Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the Author xi

Introduction 1

C H A P T E R   1

Your Business Attitude 7

The Joy of a Rocky Road 9

The Courage of Your Convictions 11

Ten Tips on How to Keep a Great Attitude 13

C H A P T E R   2

Evaluate Your Business With a Critical Eye 15

Good Thing It’s Not My Fault 16

Problems Are Just a Chance to Grow 16

Preventative Medicine—Not Corrective Surgery 17

Catching Little Problems Before They Become Big Problems 18

A Health Scan for Your Company 19

The “Surface Dweller” Boss 20

Everything Is Perfect Thanks for Calling 21

Important Marketing Information—“Don’t Forget the Tomatoes” 23

Getting Caught in Survival Mode 25

Platinum Is Gold 28

Ten Tips to Use When Evaluating Your Business 31

C H A P T E R   3

Leadership Is Doing—Not Talking 33

Do as I Say, Not as I Do 33

What Monkey Does—Monkey Gets 35

Going to War with Your People 36

A Tough Lesson 37

The Balloon Bursts 38

Into the Fire 39

The Victory Entrance 41

Ten Ways to Lead by Example 42

C H A P T E R   4

Keep Your Producers 45

Training the Enemy 46

The Stunning Losses 47

More Is Better 49

Mentorship 50

The “Untraining” School—or—The Under-Producing Producer 50

Dinosaurs in Your Ranks 54

Hiring Right—Years in the Field Is No Guarantee 56

“Reference” Can Be Just Another Name for Friend 58

The Crucial Interview—Don’t Get Sold by the Seller 60

Green Is Good 61

If They Don’t Fit, You Must Make Them Quit 62

Incentives/Recognition for Your Sellers 63

Don’t Fuss Over Me, Just Pay Me 63

Screw the Gifts, Just Acknowledge Me 64

To Incentivise or Not? 65

Come to the Right Conclusion 66

Ten Ways to Reduce Turn Over and Produce Top Sellers 67

C H A P T E R   5

The Success Plan for Sellers 71

The Seller’s Plan 73

The Best Bosses Value the Process—As Well as the Result 74

Selling the Plan to Employees 75

Make It Their Own and They Will Take Ownership of It 76

Owning the Day 78

A Nice Lesson to Learn 79

Most People Already Have the Answers 80

Building the Plan 81

Be Consistent with Your Plan and the Results Will Follow 82

Ten Principles Behind the Plan 84

C H A P T E R   6

When the Boss Becomes the Problem 95

The Too-Close-for-Comfort Effect 96

Big Kahuna to No Cajones 97

Friendly—But Not Friends 99

My Friend Is Such a Great Person, I Think I’ll Hire Them—Not! 100

The Tail Wags the Dog 101

Butt-to-Chair-itis” 102

Know More Than Your Employees Know 104

When Patience Becomes the Problem 106

When Impatience Becomes the Problem 110

When the Boss Can’t Handle Criticism 112

Ten Tips on How to Be a More Effective Boss 115

C H A P T E R   7

The Power of Nice 119

Appreciation/Simple Thanks/Accolades 120

Afraid to Praise 122

Fear—The Great Divide! 123

Attack Backfire 124

When Guilt Is Good 126

Discipline in Privacy 127

See the Person Behind the Employee 129

Conditional Love 129

Not Guilty as Charged 130

Ten Ways How to Be Good to Your People 134

C H A P T E R   8

Repeat Business is Good Business 135

Why This Happens 136

Top Drawer—I Don’t Think So 139

A Happy Customer Is a Long Time Customer 142

You Better Care and You Better Show It 144

A Customer Creed of Excellent Service 146

A True Effort to Please 145

Attitude Is Everything 146

Neutral Is Negative 147

The Company Is the People—The People Are the Company 148

Turning Problems into Opportunities 151

Not Nice—But Necessary 149

But I’ve Already Been Sold Once 152

Ten Ways How to Keep Your Customers Loyal to You 155

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