16 Mar

What Top Business Leaders Say About This Book

The importance of this book cannot be understated. It is a must read for anyone in sales or management who understands that profits are directly connected to your people and how you lead them.

—Roman Bodnarchuk, Chairman and C.E.O., N5R.com

Wonderful and intelligent content, delivered in a concise and thought provoking way. This book fuels some very relevant business truths: attitude is everything—getting the best out of your people will drive your business forward; and recognizing that your best customers are the ones you already have! Not only did I enjoy it, but I found it a body of work that will enhance how I run my own business.

— Michael Muzzin, President, Itex Toronto

Competition for attention (therefore profits) is more difficult than ever. The key to sales success is recognizing what works and vigorously pursuing these techniques. In an easy to understand style, the author shows how to efficiently navigate through the clutter of information overload and deliver the results!
— Neil Scott, Vice President, Floridays Orlando Resort



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